My Minimalist Kitchen

Manage your kitchen in one app

Plan and organize your kitchen

Collect recipes, plan your pantry, organize your kitchen equipment or create meal plans - all in one app. Our goal: One app to have all your cooking resources logically structured and organized.
What are the key resources in your kitchen? We created four categories to help you organize 1) your recipes, 2) your basic pantry of recurring items, 3) your kitchen utensils and equipment as well as 4) your recipe collections (e.g. for multi-course dinners or meal plans).
All features:
  • Add recipes (scan, link, PDF-import or use the editor)
  • Add regularly needed items to your pantry
  • Organize your kitchen equipment and add contextual data like links or files
  • Create recipe groups (e.g. multi-course meals or weekplans)
  • Add items to your shopping list
  • Plan meals in advance
  • Available for iPhone® and iPad®
  • Uses iCloud® to keep everything in sync

Cooking by Kantt is available for iPhone® and iPad® and uses iCloud® to keep everything in sync. Try our app for free. Unlock unlimited items for a one-time payment. No subscription or monthly fees.